Scoring Points Through Service to others:

Point to ponder--How is our view of those we are called to teach, or serve limited or constrained by our human feelings, thoughts, and emotions?

This post was inspired by a a friend who posed these questions as a Christian. I am thinking about them as a Humanist.

Are we shepherding? Are we serving? Are we teaching? Are we doing all that we are called to do?

My impression is that a lot of "service" is actually self serving and doesn't take into account the recipient. In other words, it's not done selflessly - it's done to score points. And that sort of defeats the purpose. Serving for the sake of serving. That's powerful! The people I know who truly serve in the best sense of the word are some of the most amazing people I know.

If you want to serve, do the people you want to help a favor. Find out from them what they need first and what they think will be helpful. Don’t just assume you know and for goodness sakes, don’t force yourself on people who don’t want your help!

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