Self care as a leadership skill

Good leaders lead to help others.  In order to help others, you first have to take care of yourself.

Leaders lead to help groups of people coordinate their activities to a common cause. That common cause is some sort of problem solving. Leaders have more responsibility than other members of the team because, in addition to the work everyone is doing, the leader has to spend extra time thinking about and organizing the work that needs to be done, training people to do the work and securing the resources necessary.  To do this well, leaders give up their time, energy and resources.

The problem is – giving up time and energy and resources is draining. What happens to a leader who no longer has time, energy or resources?  They cease to be leaders.

In order to lead well and for the long haul, leaders HAVE to take care of themselves. They must find a balance and a way to replenish themselves so that they can continue to give themselves to the service of others. In this context, self-care is an essential leadership skill.  So don’t neglect yourself.

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