Don’t Let Them Bully You

Stick to your values.

Sometimes it seems like the entire world is made up of unethical people.  People who are out for themselves and who are taking unethical short cuts. If you want to get ahead, do you need to take shortcuts too?


If you have to be talked into doing something, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. This goes for jobs, sex, relationships, investment opportunities and more.   Business ethics are personal ethics.  If something isn’t right to you, it isn’t right. So don’t let people bully you or try to convince you that your ethical instincts are wrong.

Do be open to learning new facts, but if the facts seem unethical to you, they are probably unethical.

And if you really are dealing with bullies, ethical or otherwise, learn how to get them to leave you alone using science with the book: The Bully Vaccine -

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