Helping Kids to Develop Self Esteem – Using Science

My friend Leon Seltzer posted a really great article over at Psychology Today.   It’s about helping kids to develop the best possible self-esteem.

It’s a really excellent article about humanistic parenting. The best part is that it is based in science! Here is a link to the article:

To give you the highlights:

Let them see you struggle so they understand – struggle is normal and you can work through it.

Self esteem – is how they feel about themselves – for this – they need to be encouraged to think about who they want to be and how to be that person so that WHEN the slings and arrows are slung at them – they can take the hits knowing – they at least – are doing their best.

He concludes: “non-authentic parents are not going to breed authentic children. And for anyone to feel truly good about themselves requires the personal integrity to comfortably admit limitations and self-doubts.”  Amen Lee – amen.

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