Communication – Central to Humanistic Management

Management is all about communication. How you communicate matters.

The modern workplace is filled with a diverse group of people. It isn’t just white men in an office anymore. People come in all shapes, sizes, colors and genders.  Ethical leaders need to be able to communicate effectively with all sorts of people. Thankfully, the days of dictatorial management are over. Or should be anyway.

So what should replace it?  Humanistic management of course!

Understanding that the humans you are communicating with isn’t you, goes a long way to avoiding misunderstandings.  They are their own people. They bring to any given conversation their own fears, insecurities, experiences, knowledge, biases and more. It is impossible to know what all is going on in another person’s head. And not knowing causes misunderstandings.

Understanding that you don’t know – and being humble enough to recognize that if there is a misunderstanding, it’s probably not a result of the other person being an idiot helps. Give the other person the benefit of the doubt and start asking questions to see where the problem lies. Don’t assume you are right and the other person is wrong.

Humanistic management is about making good ethical decisions, but it’s also about treating people ethically. Real people. The people you work with. The people who work for you. Your customers. All deserve to be treated with respect. Which means, when there is a communication problem, you approach the problem – with respect! It really does make a difference.

Being able to communicate respectfully and effectively communicate with people who are different from you and who may disagree with you is an essential leadership skill. So, there are all sorts of programs and books on the subject.  If you are interested in a specifically humanistic approach to this topic, I suggest the following programs:

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