Hidden Biases

Biases influence our thinking. They steer us in certain directions and blind us to the truth. It’s worth understanding your biases so that you don’t get fooled by them.

We all have hidden or unconscious biases. We don’t know we have them because we aren’t conscious of them. These biases provide our gut reaction to people, places and things.

Bigotry is often rooted in these unconscious biases and even people who don’t think they are biases, may be discriminating against people without realizing it. And yes, there is quite a bit of science to back this up.

The more we can uncover our unconscious or hidden biases they more we can conscious choose to disregard them in our search for the truth.

The process of uncovering your hidden biases requires reflection and a willingness to learn how you might improve. With the help of Abe Markman of the NY Society for Ethical Culture, we created a free online program where you can learn more about the science of unconscious or hidden biases as well as take Harvard’s Implicit Bias tests so that you can learn what your biases really are.

This program will help you explore your own thinking so that you can control your hidden biases and stop allowing your unconscious fears to control you. To learn more or to access this free online resource visit:  https://humanistlearning.com/controlling-our-unconscious-bias/

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