Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

How a more humanistic approach to business can help create a more effective business and make the world better at the same time.

I founded my company, Humanist Learning Systems as a for profit company with non-profit goals. My intention is to reinvest profits into non-profit activities consistent with the goals of my company. I eventually hope to establish regional centers for Humanist Learning that can be used as community centers to support the growing community of Humanists nationwide.

What are my goals? Teaching people how to live ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good of humanity.

I provide online courses for personal and professional development focusing primarily on humanistic leadership/management. My core courses are about how to eliminate bullying/harassment/discrimination and retaliation in the workplace using science. Using science to solve social problems is a radical idea, right?  

I had considered setting up my business as a non-profit but eventually decided to go with a for profit model instead. Here is why. I know how to get bullies to stop using the science of operant conditioning. The problem is that not many people know how to do this so I kind of have a moral obligation to teach people this.  The problem is that advertising is expensive.  It’s not enough to have a solution that actually works if no one knows you have it.

I have a problem and it’s a problem that requires money to solve. Here’s my solution.  I plan to use the workplace training knowledge dissemination pipeline to disseminate my knowledge and to fund getting it done!

Here is how it works. I REALLY want to reach parents of kids so that I can teach them these skills so that they are able to teach their kids these skills in real time as they encounter bullies.  Where are the parents? In the workplace.  If I can reach them in the workplace I can simultaneously teach them how to deal with workplace bullying, harassment, retaliation and discrimination AND how to help their children with school bullies at the same time.

I created my business around a core line of sex harassment programs that are compliant with state and federal harassment training guidelines as a way to help not only satisfy legal requirements but to use those requirements to get this REALLY important information out into the world to the people who need it and want to learn it.

And if I succeed? Imagine what society would be like if a whole generation of kids were never bullied because they knew how to get it to stop!  That’s not a pipe dream – it’s doable – with education.

A humanistic approach to business isn't just about treating the people you work with as fully human. It’s also about using business to make the world a better place by harnessing the money that is generated by business to create social good.

Business interests and human interest are not mutually exclusive.

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