Crowdsourcing Wisdom

What wisdom have you learned along the way?

The nice thing about wisdom is that you can learn it.  No one is born wise. We all learn through experience. And through experience and adversity learn, hopefully, how to do and be better next time. In order to learn, we have to be willing to admit, we aren’t perfect.

For me, part of my practice as a Humanist, is to admit that I’m an idiot a lot. More than I would like. But I find that when I admit my flaws, I am better able to improve myself.  I no longer consider making a mistake a bad thing. I truly do think of it as a learning opportunity.

Inc. Magazine ran a list of 30 nuggets of wisdom they gleaned from Quora (see:

It comes as no surprise that much of the wisdom is consistent with the Humanist approach that I teach. The prescription for how to live a happy and productive life hasn’t really changed much over the years.  Anyway – here are my favorite bits gleaned from Inc.’s gleaning.

6. You have a responsibility to everyone, and a responsibility for only yourself.
7. Prepare for the unexpected.
11. Biases affect everything you do.
16. You must take care of your health.
19. Forgive others and yourself.
20. Seek a greater purpose.
21. Life is short.
26. Everyone is afraid.
28. Nothing is perfect.

What wisdom have you learned and want to share?

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