How to get along with nearly anyone by applying Humanism

My advice for getting along with people is to see them for who they are and not who you assume them or need them to be.

Most of our interactions with other people are egocentric. We see and experience other people through our own lens of experience, and through our own needs.

But other people are fully human. They aren't cardboard cutout walk ons in the movie of your life that stars you. They are the stars of their own movies. So stop trying to make them be someone they aren't. And stop getting mad at them when they fail to be who you needed them to be. Instead, accept them for who they are – flaws and all – and give them the space they need to be themselves.

Humanism encourages us to treat each other as fully human. This helps us treat each other better.

It’s amazing how much this one thing – compassion for others – changes everything.

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