Principles of Leadership – Army Style

What the army concept of leadership can teach us about how to be better leaders ourselves.

It is a list of 11 leadership principles as stated in a JROTC document.  It is titled 11 Army Leadership Principles.  What is interesting to me about this list is that everything on it is part of the humanist approach to leadership.  The 11 rules can be broken down into 3 categories:

Critical Thinking:
  • ·         Principle #1 – Know Yourself and Seek Self Improvement
  • ·         Principle #4 – Make Sound and Timely Decisions
  • ·         Principle #9 – Ensure Each Task is Understood, Supervised and Accomplished

Personal Responsibility
  • ·         Principle #2 – Be Technically Proficient
  • ·         Principle #3 – Seek Responsibility and Take Responsibility for Your Actions
  • ·         Principle #5 – Set the Example
  • ·         Principle #7 – Keep Your Followers Informed
  • ·         Principle #8 – Develop A Sense of Responsibility In Your Followers

  • ·         Principle #6 – Know Your Personnel and Look Out for Their Well Being
  • ·         Principle #10 – Build A Team
  • ·         Principle #11 – Employ Your Team In Accordance With Its Capabilities

What I find interesting about this list is that the emphasis is on personal responsibility. 5 of the principles are about this topic.  Critical Thinking and Compassion have 3 principles each.

And I basically agree with this. Mostly. I personally feel that in order to do the job of a leader, you do have to recognize your team as fully human and support them accordingly.  But responsibility is huge too. Without that, you won’t make the effort to make good sound timely decisions.

It’s a good reminder as I focus on ethics and critical thinking and compassion, that responsibility is equally important to my practice as a Humanist.

What do you think of this list? Do you agree with it? What would you change?

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