What Recovery Programs Work?

If you are dealing with addiction, what sort of help should you be seeking out?
 Overcoming Addiction - what works

I love science. And one of the things that science has done for us is that it has shown us what addiction recovery programs work and which don’t. Check out this research from Behavior Therapy Associates: http://www.behaviortherapy.com/ResearchDiv/whatworks.aspx

One of the things you will notice is that acupuncture has a better success rate for addicts than Alcohol Anonymous does.  But what really seems to work is brief interventions and self-help of the sort geared towards helping people establish new habits through motivational enhancements.

Programs that require you to be in therapy for a really long time and basically transfer your addiction from alcohol to treatment aren’t that effective.

What you want is a targeted approach that will help you establish new ways of behaving and interacting with the addiction you no longer want to have. There are several resources listed at the website and the do have online programs of the sort that seem to work best.  So if you are struggling with addiction, check them out.

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