Real Life and Minecraft

Humanist philosophy of life when considering how Minecraft is like real life?

My son is addicted to Minecraft. One day he asked me what would it be like if Minecraft were real. So we went to YouTube to find a video on real life and Minecraft.  This is what we found.

And it’s really profound.  Minecraft has no story – no purpose – just like real life.  You can do anything you want. The purpose of what you are trying to accomplish in Minecraft is whatever you decide to do.  My son uses it to build replicas of famous monuments and forts and farms and trading posts and temples and libraries. Right now he is obsessed with Alexandria so he’s working on a lighthouse and a library and some underwater structures.

Does any of this matter in real life? No. When he logs off or deletes his account, it will all be gone.  Just like in real life.  Whatever we do will have no effect on the ultimate outcome.  Except, what we do does impact the people we are playing this game of life with.

To paraphrase Nullitron - Life is a sandbox game. You can do whatever you want and eventually, you will die or quit the game.  While you are there, enjoy it. Don’t worry about the time when you won’t be playing it anymore. And remember, while you might not be playing it anymore, countless others will, after you are gone. So try to make it a game where everyone can have fun.

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  1. That's really quite lovely, although I would like to think that my efforts may have more impact than just my co-players. What I write will remain when I am gone and may impact people whose period of play in no way overlaps with mine... or that's my arrogant wish, at least!


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