Being Beautifully Human

Tips from Self Help Gurus that resonate with me as a Humanist

Marc and Angel – they have a self-help blog that apparently has 102k readers.  Yeah – I’m a bit jealous. Anyway – they had a post – 12 rules for being beautifully human. And I loved it (   

Here is their list – for those of you too lazy to click through – you know who you are. Just be aware that they actually explain the details of all these rules and the nuance of why they included them and why they are important and why they work. Anyway – here are the rules – without the nuance.

1.  Live one day at a time.

2.  Be OK with not being OK all the time.

3.  Earn the best days of your life.

4.  When your intuition begs you to listen, listen.

5.  Look within for the answers you seek.

6.  Dare to challenge the status quo.

7.  Work hard when hard work is required.

8.  Appreciate your blessings.

9.  Use your voice to support the truth.

10.  Practice kindness with an open mind.

11.  Nurture your important relationships.

12.  Let life guide you.

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