Love and Loneliness

Why looking out for each other matters.

The blog Momastery had a wonderful article about a teacher who had a great way of identifying kids who were lonely and needed some additional help making friends.  (See:

I liked the idea behind it so I wanted to share it here.  But mostly, I wanted to make the point that everyone needs help. Everyone feels lonely. Very few of us are born with the innate ability to make friends. We are all insecure and all struggle to a certain extent.

We are all lonely and we all want to be loved.  This is why we need to look out for one another.  The problem with feeling lonely and unloved is that we withdraw into ourselves and we fail to see all the other lonely people around us. We think we are the only ones.  We aren’t.

When we make a point to look out to find the lonely people, we can connect ourselves with them and feel less alone. This is why compassion is so powerful and why it’s so important to the Humanist practice.

Don’t assume everyone else is ok. They aren’t. They need a helping hand and a little bit of love, just like you do. So look out for each other. Care about each other and try to make the world a little less lonely.

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