What does it mean to be responsible?

Is responsibility a good thing? Or a bad thing?

Well, that depends on what you think responsibility is.  For a lot of people seeking happiness, responsibility seems dull. Responsibility is something that keeps us from being able to pursue our dreams.  It’s our job, or school, or our family that requires our attention.  It’s the think that keeps us from being free.

People who think like this try to avoid responsibility. I know a woman who left her family because it was “too much responsibility” for her. She clearly wasn’t happen then, but she isn’t happy now either. Avoiding responsibility hasn’t helped her to find happiness.

For a Humanist, responsibility is the key to freedom and therefore the key to happiness. We know that it is through responsibility that we gain control over our lives and this control equates to freedom. For a Humanist, responsibility isn’t a burden.

Even our responsibility to others isn’t a burden. It is our responsibility to others that gives our live meaning. Without meaning and purpose, people struggle with existential angst. By embracing responsibility, you infuse your life with meaning.

Responsibility gives you greater control over your life. This control helps reduce your stress levels. It also gives you a certain amount of freedom. The combination of reduced stress and freedom of choice are conducive to happiness. When you add in the benefits of having a purpose and meaning in your life, the result is happiness. Despite it all.

Yes, responsibility can be hard. It requires us to make hard choices at times. But the people who are happiest, are those who embrace the responsibility of making those choices and who are responsible enough to make the effort to make good choices, even when good options are hard to come by.

Don’t cheat yourself out of happiness. Be responsible – for your choices, your actions and your responsibilities to others.

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