Strategies for Humanist Living

Discussions about how Humanists can best live our lives.

One of the cool parts about my job is that I have inspired others to ask questions about what it means to live life as a Humanist. In one Humanist Community in OH they started having discussions about this topic and decided to post the results of their discussions online. In a 10 part Strategies for Humanist Living they discuss:

  1. How to describe your way of thinking -
  2. How to encourage critical thinking in others -
  3. How to advocate for reasonableness and compassion -
  4. How can you tell if someone is a humanist -
  5. What art and entertainment reflects a Humanist worldview -
  6. What do you say when someone says bless you or have a blessed day?
  7. How to deal with an overtly obnoxious religious person in the workplace -
  8. What comfort does Humanism provide when dealing with rejection -
  9. What should children be taught about religion?
  10. How does having a community of Humanists help?

What a great exercise in humanist thinking. Do you agree with their answers? If not, why not?

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