6 Reasons to be a Humanist

A list of reasons why being a Humanist is a better choice than other options.

There are many reasons why I choose to live life as a Humanist. There are so many benefits.  Here are some statements about Humanism from different people that will hopefully help you understand what some of the main benefits are.

  1. Our methods of being responsible for and taking control of our lives more often leads to increased freedom and happiness than hoping and praying. (Dave Collamer)
  2. We Humanists are actively engaged with life and affirm and delight in so many aspects of living. (Tim McGuire)
  3. By having no set definition or dogma for what is moral, we are forced to consider the opinions of our fellow humans. And by considering their opinions, hopefully improve upon our own. (me)
  4. Humanism is optimistic – it helps us find the courage to confront our problems and solve them instead of giving in to despair. (me)
  5. Even in death, we humanists celebrate life. Yes, we mourn and grieve for those we love, but we choose to focus on the miraculous reality of the life that has been lived, (Tim McGuire)
  6. Our compassion based ethics help us not only come to better moral conclusions that any alternative morality, it also helps us regulate our emotional response to difficult situations as well – so bonus. (me)

What do you think the benefits are to the Humanist approach to life?

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  1. I know I have but one chance to life a wonderful life and it motivates me. I can be a procrastinator but this is one thing I can't put off.


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