Can Humanists Practice Yoga

Is there something about Yoga that makes it unsuitable for humanists and atheists?  I sure hope not.

I practice yoga. I like it. To me it is a physical exercise that includes a meditative/ breathing/mindfulness component that I find highly enjoyable. I enjoy tai chi for the same reasons.  I also like that it is low impact, so my inner ear injury isn’t harmed by the practice in the same way step aerobics would.

Anyway – there is a bit of a scuffle about whether atheists and by extension, humanists, can practice yoga. The question centers on whether or not yoga is a religious practice or not.  And the answer is, it can be.   It also can be just an exercise.

The fact that some people treat it as a religious practice is fine for them. That’s not how I practice it. Am I doing it wrong? I really don’t care.  It works for me and I enjoy it and that’s enough for me to find time in my day to do it.

If you want to learn more about these debates – here is an interview with the author of Atheist Yoga

by Antonin Drake -

How to be a Yogi -

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