Thank God I’m a Humanist

Why working with a Humanist makes everything easier.

Right now much of my time is being consumed by anti-bullying work. When I wrote my book ( I didn’t quite realize just how desperate people are for good information. I mean, obviously I knew or I wouldn’t have written the book, but I kind of looked at it as a bit of a side project. Something I was morally obligated to do, but it wasn’t my passion.

My passion is teaching people about Humanism. But, as I have done the publicity work for the book I have realized that teaching people about how to handle bullies and other obnoxious people IS teaching them about Humanism. The two go hand in hand.

Anyway, as part of what I am doing to help end bullying, I have become involved in setting up a new non-profit,  When I was first in conversation with my cofounder Dr. Tejeda he sent me an email explaining his problem solving process. It made me laugh and got me excited because a) it’s the same process I use as a Humanist and b) the last element of his process was to pray, though he admitted he’s not a religious person and he doesn’t really think it does any good.  His mind maps were also quite impressive.

I told him I was totally on board and that his process was the same as mine because I am a Humanist.  His response? “Thank god you’re a Humanist. It makes everything easier.”

And it really does. Humanists are very practical, strategic and reality based. It’s very exciting to realize someone you are working with is like minded in this way. We don’t want to waste our time on solutions that aren’t proven to work. We want best practices and we are willing to do research to figure out what actually works and what doesn’t. We also can see the big picture and understand that really what has to happen is that we need to stop taking a piece meal approach and start integrating the best solutions so that nothing gets left out and falls through the cracks. Working with a fellow Humanist on problem solving is a joyful engaged and fun and productive process.

For me, I know that I can send this man my ideas and he will understand them in the same way I do and see the possibilities of how it will create strategic change if we can find a way to pull it off.  I also know that ego won’t get in the way of a solution. Our goal is the solution. There is a certain standard of ethical conduct we expect from ourselves and others as well.  We may argue and debate a lot and disagree vehemently, but we are committed to behaving ethically as individuals.  In other words, I know when I start working with a Humanist that I am going to be challenged, that I am going to have to deal with a strong personality, but that at the end of the day, they are going to be as committed to making practical strategic decisions as I am and that the outcome of our work is going to be of high quality.

But the absolute best thing about working with a fellow Humanist is that it means the decision making and problem solving process is going to be rational! And if you’ve ever had to work out problems and come to decisions with people who don’t take a rational approach to problem solving you know what a relief it is to know, disagreement will be rational and not insanely irrational. It is nice to know that discussions will be focused on what works and you won’t have to waste your time with any off topic suggestions or correcting obviously untrue statements of so called “facts.” 

Working with Humanists makes everything easier. It really does. What is your favorite thing about working with and interacting with your fellow Humanists?

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