One Ginormous Family

Humanists recognize that we are all humans. Regardless of our differences. And that our common humanity matters.

Happy New Year. I don’t normally suggest resolutions for people. I tend to think that we should be changing our behavior as needed all year long. Regardless, I do have one suggestion for a resolution that  I think it would help you to adopt.

Resolve to remember that we are all one big ginormous family. You are genetically related to all the other humans, plans and animals on the planet. You are created out of the same building blocks that make up our universe.

Just like any family, there may be times when we don’t get along. However, ultimately, we do share a home with all the other life on earth and we would be wise to make the best of it and not tear down our house in an attempt to control everyone else.  After all, if we tear down our house out of spite, we will be left with nowhere to live and that would be incredibly short sited.

So, whether your current cause of angst is politics, interpersonal relationships or ecological, always remember, we are all part of one ginormous family and we owe it to ourselves to make an effort to get along.

Have you reached out to others beyond your comfort zone lately? How did it go?

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