Holy Piggies

Who says Humanists are dry serious people? Yes we think a lot. But sometimes what we think about is pretty funny.

I have a 7 year old boy. When we want to curse or exclaim something, we do our best to not use coarse language. Not because we feel any words are taboo, but because we recognize that our feelings about the power of particular words is irrelevant. Society has social prohibitions on young kids using certain words.

Anyway, some of these exclamations are Holy Cow or Holy piggies or holy mackerel. My son and I were having a ball a few days ago considering what all these phrases mean. Obviously, they are idiomatic expressions so they aren’t meant to be literal.  However, if they were literal, what a hoot that would be.

My son decided to consider what all could be considered holy and why.  Holy piggies are little piggies with miters on their heads in a procession holding candles. Holy cows are nuns. I rather imagine holy mackerels to be mounted fish that sing and chant.

Some of the potential holy animals were fun to consider, some, not so much. For instance: holy pond scum doesn’t bring up an image of anything but pond scum. However, holy tigers are rather Buddha like tigers in robes like the tiger from kung fu panda, but more serene.  Holy horses are horses walking on back legs with the neck wear of a priest. Holy turkeys  have miters.

Why am I sharing this with you?  I have no idea.  Just something I wanted to share as a way to close out the year.  Just curious though. What is your favorite holy combination?

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