Diversity of opinion matters

How diversity and disagreements can help you improve your life and make better decisions. This is why Humanists spend so much time learning how to think critically.

The single most important thing you can do to improve your life is to make better decisions. This is also true of our business decisions. The better our decisions are, the better our outcomes will be. This is why Humanists are always going on and on about critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the key to making better decisions. And this takes practice. But the hardest part of thinking critically is challenging our own assumptions. It is very easy to critique the thinking of others. It is much hard to critique our own thinking. 

This is why good thinkers welcome diverse viewpoints. We don’t view disagreement as a bad thing. Quite the contrary, we LOVE to argue. Most people like to have their opinions validated. It feels good to think you are right.

However, thinking you are right is not the same as actually being right. Humanists aren’t interesting in validating our opinions. What we want to do is challenge our thinking to improve our opinions. To do this we actively seek out diverse viewpoints. In a business setting, this means seeking a diverse work place. Yes, it is hard to create a truly diverse workplace because, shocker, diversity means disagreements. However, when nurtured properly, those disagreements don’t need to be antagonistic. They can be incredibly productive and help everyone do their jobs better because we are collectively doing a better job of critiquing our thinking.

Embrace diversity. It will help you improve your thinking and your decision making and that will lead to better outcomes for everyone.

Be honest - how diverse is your team or group of friends? What can you do differently to improve the diversity in your life?

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