The starting point of problem solving – reality

The more effectively you solve your problems, the more successful you are going to be. This is why Humanists are so adamant about the importance of critical thinking. We know that in order to solve our problems we have to understand what is really causing them. Reality really matters.

The starting point of problem solving for a Humanist is to do a reality check.  It is always amazing how many people skip this step. They just assume they know what is happening, whether it is an interpersonal problem or a matter of physics.  A Humanist on the other hand, does not assume. They double check to see if their assumptions are valid or not BEFORE starting to work on problem solving. I think the famous Humanist Albert Einstein once said that if he had 1 hour to solve a problem he would spend 50 minutes properly defining the problem and 10 minutes solving it.

If you want to problem solve successful, take your cue from the Humanists. Understand and properly define your problem first so that you know you are solving your real problem and so that you don’t waste your time solving problems you don’t really have.umHuhUMAN

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