Humanistic Leadership tips.

Humanistic Leadership starts with respecting your staff as the real human beings they are. It is very easy to forget that they have real dreams, desires and problems they are dealing with. But the leaders who respect their staff and the ones that do the best.  Here are 4 ways you can improve your leadership skills by taking a more humanistic approach to leadership.

Tip 1: Trust your employees. You presumably hired them for a reason. Trust that they are the good and qualified people they are. Give them some space to do their job and empower them to bring problems to you. This approach makes a huge difference in whether or not your employees feel valued.

Tip 2: Be Professional: Yes, you may want a casual atmosphere at work, but you also need to be the boss. That means, you need to be responsive to your employees. Set an example and get back to them right away. Keep them in the loop when you need to research something. Let them know where things stand for real. Always remember Elvis’ motto: Taking care of business in a flash. Take care of business. Professionally. Just think how you would want your boss to treat you and respond to you and that is how you should be with your employees.

Tip 3: Be ethical. Be honest. Don’t lie. Be Responsible. Don’t say you will do something and then not do it. The secret to ethics is to understand how much easier your life is when the people around you are ethical, honest, responsible and don’t lie. Once you understand that, it is easy to understand why you need to be as ethical as you can be as well. To make life easier on your employees!

Tip 4: Be Compassionate. Everyone who works for you is a real live human being. They have their own issues and problems and you need to be compassionate with them. This doesn’t mean that you should allow them to behave badly; it is more that if you feel compassion for your employees, you will treat them better and come up with better management solutions to help your employees succeed. They aren’t just there to support you. You are there to support them as well. 


  1. As a human being, we should give respect to social boundaries and be polite to other human beings. In our day to day life, we are facing several kinds of problems related to leadership and especially humanistic leadership. Here this article also describes regarding humanistic leadership and also the fact how to maintain these kinds of leadership.
    Leadership Coach

    1. Thanks - didn't see anything about humanistic leadership in your article though. It looked like a generic leadership lesson.


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