Cuddle Your Kids

File this under Humanistic Parenting.

It turns out that how much you cuddle your children impacts how their brain develops. (See article in NY Times here: )

Early childhood stress can be toxic to the development of the prefrontal cortex. In other words, good character development, the ability to think before you act, which is tied to brain anatomy, is flexible and impacted by how we treat our children.

More love means more resilient kids. Success in life isn’t just a measure of willpower. It is also a matter of basic brain capabilities. Cuddling and nurturing our children when they are young has a long term impact on their resiliency and fortitude as adults. It isn’t the only factor, obviously, but it does play a part.

I personally love the lovey dovey part of parenting. The fact that it helps my son become a better person, bonus!  

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