What is Your Passion?

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I was listening to a podcast last night about the importance of finding and pursuing your passion. It was one of those rather unrealistic promotional things where if you just follow your passion you will make a bunch of money and have a great time doing it. Phooey.  In the real world, most of us are never going to be so lucky.  Most people who try to make a living following their passion will just end up going broke, giving up and finding an okey job in the real world, if they are lucky.

But don’t let that little bit of realistic pessimism fool you.  I am still an optimist and I am pursuing my passion, just in a bit more realistic way. And the only reason I am able to do so is because my husband supports me. This means, at the moment, I am incredibly lucky to be able to pursue my passion.

For most of my life, my passions had to be a hobby. And you know what? That wasn’t that bad. As long as you have a passion to pursue as a hobby or as a career, you are doing fine.  The people I feel sorry for are those who have nothing they are passionate about.  That would be sad.

So, the next time you find yourself lamenting that work gets in the way of having a life and that you would like more time to pursue your passions. Remember to be thankful that you have passions to pursue. Not everyone does.

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