Giving Frankenstein a Cookie

Image: Grant Cochrane /
My son is 6. Last year he went through a phase where he was scared of Frankenstein. We would kiss him goodnight and he would cry that he didn't want to be alone because he was scared Frankenstein might come into his room and eat him.

When explaining that Frankenstein wasn't real didn't work. And after an attempt to assure him Frankenstein was in Germany and that he would have to cross an ocean to get to our house in Florida making it highly unlikely that, if he wanted to eat a kid, he would make the trek to my son's room didn't work. I resorted to silliness.

I told my son on the off chance that Frankenstein did come into his bedroom,my son should offer him a cookie. No one can resist a cookie. I make really good cookies, so Frankenstein would be sure to like them.  That did the trick. He was still nervous about Frankenstein, but could now imagine that instead of him being a scary monster, Frankenstein might just turn out to be his friend. If he was willing to share mom's cookies with him that is.

It strikes me that we should be more compassionate with the people we meet. Don't assume someone is going to be mean to you or dislike you. Find out if they want to be your friend first. And when all else fails. Cookies and milk should do the trick.


  1. Love this. Of course this is the whole premis behind the Frankenstein book itself. Don't judge a book by its cover. it's my favourite book.


  2. So true. When I read Frankenstein - I kept thinking, this was considered a horror story. We were supposed to be afraid of the monster, but he just wanted what all humans want - to be loved. Great book. That's why my son knows about it. I read it a couple of years ago and he wanted to know all about it.


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