No Group Corners the Market in Stupidity

There are stupid people in every group. It is not ok to judge an entire group of people based on the actions and thoughts of their stupidest member.  So, do not judge all Christians on what the worst Christians do. Do not judge all Muslims on what the worst Muslims do. Do not just all Atheists on what the worst Atheists do.  Do not judge all men on what the worst men do. Do not judge all women on what the worst women do. Do not judge all blacks based on what the worst blacks do. And do not judge all whites based on what the worst whites do.

No group corners the market in stupidity.  Your job in life is to not be among the stupidest humans in whatever arbitrary social grouping you align yourself with. And the best way to ensure that you aren’t one of the stupidest people in your group is  to not be a bigot. Treat people like the individuals they are. Accept that all groups have stupid people and wonderful people. Don’t generalize the behavior of the idiots onto the entire group.  It is best to treat the people you meet as the potentially wonderful people they are until or unless they prove to you that they are stupid.

That’s what it means to respect the dignity and worth of every human. 

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