What’s Wrong With These People?

I’m rather upset about the extreme negative response some people have had to the gay marriage vote in NY. The anger and violence directed towards gays doesn’t make any sense to me. I get that some people have religious objections to gay marriage, but I don’t understand why anyone would care enough to react with violence. I mean seriously, what does it matter who people want to have sex with? Unless they want to have sex with you, you aren’t even involved.

When I see scenes of violence against gays, and gays receiving death threats, I am forced to ask, what the heck is wrong with these people? Don’t they have anything better to do? Don’t they have a life? Are there really that many people struggling with latent homosexual desires? I just don’t get it.

So to those of you who are so scared of gays that you are lashing out in violence against them: get a life already. Gays are humans. Not some alien race trying to take over our planet. If the idea of homosexuality disgusts you, that’s fine. There’s a rational way to deal with your disgust. Ignore them. They probably don’t want to have sex with you anyway.

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