Freethought Music

Yes - there is such a genre as Freethought music. And it transcends genres. Here is a list of Freethought artists I am familiar with. If you know of others, please add them to the list. You can sample each artist’s music on their website.

Markella - former opera star turned Freethought recording artist. 

Freethought MC - MC stands for Man of Conscious, he creates hip hop music and is in the studio working on his next album - 

Peace of Rock - poetic rock music from and for free minds - 

Johnny Hoax - Atheist Rapper - 

Also - here are some other Freethought music and entertainment resources you might like to know about.

Keith Lowell Johnson - Atheist comedian - very funny - 

Inspirational Humanist Radio Hour - an hour long show out of NY. Airs Tuesday nights at 10 pm but available on podcast as well - great music and musings. - 

As I said - these are just a few artists I know about. If you know of others, please let me know!


  1. George Hrab leaps to mind immediately.
    I first heard him on the Skeptics guide to the Universe... he's hilarious and smartx3

  2. Thanks! He looks excellent - here is Hrab's website link -

  3. I didn't post a link? Silly me...

  4. Can't believe i forgot Tim Minchin...
    Not for the faint of language however.

  5. There is also Leighann Lord - comedienne -

  6. Thanks for the nod. Most appreciated!


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