Proposed Solution

Ok - so, book burning is the topic of the week. Can’t escape it. A Christian pastor in Gainesville wants to burn Qurans in order to show how devilish Islam and Muslims are. And yeah, seems a bit ironic that it’s the Christian doing the book burning. He’s clearly projecting his inherent dickishness onto Muslims.

Anyway, I have a solution to the dilemma I think will make everyone happy. And you know I am all about making people happy. Here it is. The way to dispose of damaged Qurans is to burn them. So, I think all the Muslims in Florida should gather up all their damaged Qurans and deliver them to Pastor Terry Jones and say - Here - burn these! We need to dispose of them anyway and you would be doing us a favor.

The Muslims could say a prayer over the books before delivering them, something along the lines of - Allah, please forgive this man and please take this offering of damaged Qurans and grant the world religious harmony and tolerance for the diversity of the people on this planet we call earth. Or something along those lines.

Then, the Muslims would be happy that their holy book is being destroyed according to Allah’s wishes and in service to the cause of religious harmony. Pastor Terry Jones would be happy as he could finally burn some books and the rest of us would be happy that we don’t have to pay attention to this story anymore.

The only people who wouldn’t be happy are the Taliban types. But nothing will make them happy, and trying to figure out how to appease people who can’t be appeased is a waste of time.

Problem solved. Your welcome!

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  1. I think the vast majority of these people are so wrapped up in their beliefs that they could NEVER be happy.


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