100 Happiness Hacks

Share a smile with a random stranger today
The good folks over at massagetherapyschools.net thought I would like their article on 100 Happiness Hacks. And I do. I agree with all 100 of them so go check it out!

My favorites:

#7: Remember that Happiness and Perfection aren’t the same.

#21 Don’t let organization go to far. (in other words, don’t drive yourself crazy trying to organize things).

#28 Just stop whining. (Seriously - just stop)

#50 Stay away from emotional vampires.

#58 Grow through learning

#59 Dance

#82 Don’t let money determine happiness

#90 Say hi for no reason

and my absolute favorite #98 Smile at strangers

I always say if you want to be happy you need to practice being happy.


  1. What??? Your absolute favorite isn't #59? Blasphemy!

  2. I know, I know. But smiling at random strangers is a guilty pleasure of mine. Some people smile back, some absolutely refuse and then some aren't sure what to do. I absolutely love it when they look at you suspiciously.

  3. Hello

    Wanted to stop by and drop you a comment following the discussion of your book on Hemant's site.

    It's rather ironic how "unhappy" many people got after reading your passage.

    I like your site and think the idea of happiness through humanism is a good one. Being one of those secular Buddhist sorts, it makes a lot of sense.

    You're now on my RSS reader, so keep posting.

  4. Hi Ron - glad to meet you! And yes, some of those folks clearly aren't happy. but maybe being angry makes them happy. Who knows. LOL.

    I love that you are a Secular Buddhist. Lot of Humanists are actually. There probably should be a movement for them/us.


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