Helping Pakistan

The floods in Pakistan are massive.  About 1/5th of the country has been affected, an area the size of Belgium, Austria and Switzerland combined. At least 1.2 millions homes have been destroyed with the UN reporting that 17.2 million people have been affected, 8.6 million of which are children.  To get a scope of the disaster, consider this.  Already more people have been affected then the Asian Tsunami, and the Haiti and Kashmir earthquakes combined.

According to the latest UNICEF report, the greatest humanitarian needs are: Food, clean water, hygeine, medical supplies and rebuliding of schools.

Humanists are helping by donating through SHARE (the Skeptics and Humanists Aid and Relief Effort), which will forward all donations on to Oxfam which has been active in Pakistan doing relief work for children and women prior to the floods.

The UN's report on the needs assessment for Pakistan is located here:

If you want to donate directly to the UN relief effort in Pakistan, you may do so here:

The important thing is to help.  These are our fellow human beings here. If we are to call ourselves Humanists, we must be willing to act on our compassion for others. Donate today!

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