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The Secret Society of Happy People is celebrating the 11th Annual Happiness Happens Month (August). I’m participating in HappyThon 2010, 24 hours of social media messages about happiness. Below are some questions that I’ve answered.

• What’s the happiest moment you’ve had recently? Getting a regular column in the local paper to write about the Humanist Approach to Happiness- that was cool.

• What song makes your toes tap? You’ve got to Move It – by Wil-I-am from the movie Madagascar. It is impossible not to groove when that song is on.

• What TV show makes you laugh? The Daily Show – some of their jokes a really funny. Otherwise, That Mitchell and Webb Look is hysterical.

• When you need a happy-pick-me-up what movie do you watch? The Beatles: either Help or a Hard Day’s Night.

• What’s your favorite childhood food? I remember being really obsessed with Icees one summer. Collected the points and everything. Don’t know that I ever collected enough to turn them in for something, but boy – do I loves me an Icee.

• What’s your happy beverage? Ummmmm – a White Russian.

• What’s your favorite smell? Honey almond raison lamb cooking in the oven.

• Who makes you smile just thinking of them? My husband.

• Where and when was your favorite vacation? That’s a toughie. Either the Alaska trip where we were plane camping in the Wrangell Elias National Park the day before we got married on a ferry in front of a coastal glacier on Prince William Sound or the canal boat holiday we took in Scotland. Both vacations were awesome!

• What is your favorite holiday? Passover.

• If you had a happy adjective in front of your name what would it be? My mom’s nickname in college was apparently Giggles, but that doesn’t describe me. I have been told on multiple occasions in a variety of settings though that I am a goddess and I do like the sound of Goddess Jen Hancock – so let’s go with that. Yes – that would make me VERY happy.

• What are your favorite happiness quotes? “Most people would rather be certain they're miserable, than risk being happy.” - Robert Anthony

Want more information about the Secret Society of Happy People and Happiness Happens Month? Visit http://www.sohp.com/

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