Have people forgotten how to have fun?

I ask because it seems like a lot of people go around moping all day. And granted, they are probably dealing with quite a bit of crap. We all are. But there are some people who seem to enjoy being down in the dumps. Others like to pretend to be deep and so act brooding to show just how deep their thoughts really are. After all, no one believes that a happy person has deep thoughts. How could they? If they were awake to the horror that is living, there is no way they could be happy. Right?

WRONG! It is perfectly possible to be happy despite it all. Not all the time, granted, but much of the time anyway. And, why not be happy? Isn’t there enough sorrow in the world? Why not take advantage of little moments of happiness that chance to come your way? Haven’t you earned them?

I am not suggesting you should ignore your problems. That isn’t the Humanist way. I am just saying that approaching your problems with optimism and humor not only makes it easier to even want to tackle your problems it will also help you notice the good things that are happening around you. As a result, you are more likely to be happy.


  1. This is something we're trying to teach our 6 year old daughter who has tantrums over the stupidest things. We're trying to teach her that she can have an attitude of "no biggie" when things don't go her way, or put on her problem-solving hat. We're trying to teach her that happiness is a choice. When she chooses to tantrum, she's not choosing to be happy. This message is sinking in, I think!

  2. @ Cheryl - I totally agree - we actively teach this to Z as well. You can choose to throw a tantrum - which is totally ok - or, you can calm down and do something fun instead. His choice. If only it were this easy for adults! LOL

  3. Hip Hip Hooray! I am in total agreement with this! Life is too short to be brooding all the time. We can always choose our perspective.


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