Be Brave

Fear can be immobilizing. But you should never let fear get in the way of doing what you know is right. Yes, it can be scary. But you have a moral obligation to act. We can all become immobilized by fear. And not just legitimate fears. We are also all plagued to greater or lesser extent with fear of the future, fear of rejection, and even fear that we might actually get what we want. My personal affirmation when faced with these sorts of fears is “I will not allow myself to be paralyzed with fear.” It has worked for me.

I bring this up because in the past week, it has become obvious to me that almost everyone is afraid of potentially violent Muslims. Now clearly, not all Muslims are violent, but there is definitely a section of that community that is and they have us all scared. Even I am afraid. There are writing projects I want to do but am afraid what would happen if I did. And this is what the recent Draw Muhammad Day was all about. Unfortunately, people were too afraid to participate in it.

Well here is our official affirmation. When it comes to violent Muslims, I think the world needs to collectively state – we aren’t going to be afraid of you anymore.

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