Foundation Beyond Belief is up and running

Foundation Beyond Belief

The wait is over, Dale McGowan’s Foundation Beyond Belief is officially operational. This is a foundation where Humanists and atheists can pool their resources to support important humanitarian work as Humanists.

The Foundation Beyond Belief is a new 501c3 charitable and educational foundation created (1) to focus, encourage and demonstrate humanistic generosity, and (2) to support a nationwide education and support program for nontheistic parents.

The first aspect of Foundation Beyond Belief’s work is to raise money for charity. They have 10 issue areas they focus on and every quarter choose 10 beneficiary organizations they members can donate to. At the end of every quarter, the money is passed on to the beneficiary and a new set is chosen. Members of Foundation Beyond Belief are encouraged to make monthly donations to support this effort.

The 10 issue areas Humanists can donate to are:

  1. Health

  2. Education

  3. Poverty

  4. Environment

  5. Child Welfare

  6. Human Rights

  7. Animal Protection

  8. Peace

  9. The "Big Bang" Fund (small charity, big impact)

  10. Foundation Beyond Belief

The second aspect of their work is to support humanist parents. To that end then intend to train 10 – 20 individuals to conduct Humanist-parenting seminars across the country.

To learn more about Foundation Beyond Belief visit their website at:

And view this handy promotional video

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