Peace on Earth – Remember!

Tis the season for the annual war on Christmas: that time of year when a certain subset of fanatical Christians forget what their holiday is all about and instead of promoting peace on earth and goodwill towards all as their savior encourages, they spend the entirety of the holiday season ranting on about how nobody else believes and behaves exactly like they do.

(sigh) I can honestly say I have never been offended by someone wishing me a Merry Christmas. It’s the thought that counts and I am assuming when someone wishes me a Merry Christmas that they are genuinely hoping that I am happy. And that is a wonderful thing to wish for other people.

But if your ‘Merry Christmas’ is going to come with rancor and anger every single frickin’ year – then count me out. Ranting on about the benign behavior of others who don’t happen to share your faith and further declaring yourself at war with pretty much everyone on the planet does nothing to promote peace on earth or goodwill towards all.

Sooooooo say it with me everyone. Peace on earth, goodwill towards all. Merry Christmas everyone!

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