A New Year - a New You

 Consider Humanism!

Whatever it is you don’t like that is going on in your professional or personal life – you can change it. Things don’t have to be the way they are. We can change things and make the world a better place for everyone to live if we take responsibility to do it and approach our problems using a combination of love, compassion science and reason. 

The first course I created was a course on how to live ethically and effectively as a Humanist. It is called Living Made Simpler.  https://humanistlearning.com/livingmadesimpler1/ This 6 hour video course will teach you all about how a Humanist goes about living a happy and fulfilling life.

If you are learning about Humanism, or even if you have been considering yourself a Humanist for a while, people have really benefited from this program.  See some of the reviews below: 

“I am finding it is giving me a greater grounding in my decision making, along with explaining my reasoning to others. … I read the bible and went through all the other major religions looking of answers as a kid, but did not realize what I was looking for was ethics, not theology, to answer my questions of why we should do things.  I did come close though, I came across Confucius, and better yet, I found Mencius who was more coherent in explaining Confucius’s ideas. But, they too lacked a structured reasoning checklist as your “Be Compassionate, Be Responsible, Be Honest”, which I now filter daily issues with. Thanks for the guidance, every much appreciated.” – Jakers

“Thank you for a most interesting course that gave me plenty to consider and a chance to rethink/confirm my own beliefs” – J. McNally, Sarasota

“Thank you for your provocative and enjoyable presentation of this basic introductory course on Humanism. Your slides and lectures were excellent and your interactive style fostered provocative class participation. I highly recommend this course. I always thought of myself as a Humanist and insights from this course gave me a lot to think about.” – G. Deutsch, Sarasota FL

“Living Simpler was definitely an interesting review of fundamental aspects of life that can benefit much from the humanist worldview,  such as ethics,  critical thinking and personal responsibility.   Weekly themes of the course were well selected and clearly presented.  I really enjoyed going through the course.” – P. Franko, Brazil

If you have been struggling in any area of your life, stepping back to think through HOW you think about your problems can be very beneficial.  So go ahead and register today.  https://humanistlearning.com/livingmadesimpler1/

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