Training Remote Employees

 Question: Can we integrate regular training for remote employees?

Answer: Yes

I offer online and hybrid training programs and host monthly live virtual programs for the International Humanistic Management Association.

Remote employees – as long as they have connections to an internet – it’s actually easier to integrate monthly learning – into their workload. Easier than It is to do this for in person employees.

A monthly 1 hour learning program on whatever topic – makes continuous education a norm for their experience.    I like to do this in what is known as a flipped way.

I have the participants either read something or review a video lesson and then our 1 hour together – is spent discussing application. 

There are online learning systems that allow you to upload content and track employee participation in the program and ensure they have learned what they are supposed to learn.

Or – you can hire someone like me – to help you do this. 

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