A Behavioral Approach to Humanistic Management

How to improve productivity while reducing negativity through the strategic application of science and compassion.


Management training that ALSO teaches how to stop bullying

For me - the how do you get the behavior you want out of your team skill set - is the same skill set as knowing how to get unwanted behavior from your team to stop. This just happens to be the same skill set you use to stop unwanted behavior or obnoxious behavior like bullying/harassment.

Knowing how to shut down bad behavior quickly and compassionately is an essential management skill just as much as how you reinforce and encourage the good behavior you want. 

Learning how to motivate and reinforce people by creating compassionate but compelling conditions to reinforce the behaviors you want is a powerful skill set to have. I consider this a basic life skill. Well - not basic - definitely advanced - but certainly people who know how to do this ethically and compassionately are way more effective managers than people who do it through abuse.

Management training that focuses on how to reinforce and reward the behaviors you want while eliminating the behaviors you don't - for effective management - is a step in the right direction. 

A "how to improve productivity while reducing negativity" management course would include the following information: 

  1. The ideal
  2. The reality
  3. How behaviors are reinforced
  4. How behaviors are eliminated
  5. Being strategic about your interpersonal interactions (the role of compassion)
  6. How to encourage positive interpersonal dynamics in the workplace
  7. What to do when someone isn’t playing fair or being nice
  8. Respectful Problem Solving
  9. Resolving Conflicts – is it a conflict? Or something else?
  10. Putting it all together

And that's exactly what you will find in my Applied Humanistic Leadership Certificate Program: https://humanistlearning.com/certificate-in-applied-humanistic-leadership/ 

And my Certified Humanistic Leadership Professional Program: https://humanistlearning.com/certified-humanistic-leadership-professional/

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