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Note: This is a guest post: Dylan Wallace from PreventionConnect, a group of recovering addicts supporting one another contacted me and asked me to share some addiction recovery resources. Please note - I have not vetted these resources, I just think it is helpful to encourage people to seek help.

 From Dylan: 
"As someone in substance abuse recovery, I’ve learned there are a lot of ways to get and stay sober. I personally use yoga and meditation to supplement my counseling appointments, but I have friends who swear by inpatient treatment programs, CBT, running… There is really no wrong way to do it as long as you and your doctor approve your chosen method.

Since your site has so much great information already to help encourage people to get and stay sober, I thought you may want to use some of the additional information I’ve found that I think may be helpful, no matter what is included in a recovering addict’s sobriety plan:"

What are the Treatment Options?

Types of Therapy

12-Step Programs for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Medication-Assisted Treatment for Drug Abuse

How to Design the Perfect Meditation Room

Addiction Recovery Through Yoga

Why Exercise Helps Promote Addiction Recovery

5 Ways to Get Better Sleep in Addiction Recovery

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