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Molly from Recovery Hope contacted me and asked me to share a list of mental health resources. was started by Caleb and Molly Anderson. After Caleb was admitted to treatment for opiate addiction, Molly made it her mission to learn more about how to help him fight his battles and support him in his recovery. Together they now help other couples and individuals by providing research and resources regarding the many challenges of overcoming drug and alcohol addictions.

"I just had to reach out to say thanks for providing so much great information on mental health on your site! Mental health is a topic that’s really close to my heart (addiction, especially, which has been a huge obstacle in my family). I really appreciate that there are people like you who provide a safe space online for people to find answers to any questions they might have about their own battles or those being fought by their loved ones.

And since this is a subject that’s so meaningful to me, I’m also passing along some information related to mental health and addiction that you may like to add to your site somewhere. I plan on adding these to my own site at some point, but have to put together a resource page first (which I plan on including your excellent site on!)."

"Thanks again for giving people a place to go to find answers. I know it’s kind of odd for me to thank you for including this type of information on your site since you’re an expert on the topic so you obviously would include it, but I wanted to anyway. :)"

If you are suffering with mental health or addiction problems - get help!  You don't have to suffer - help is available. The problem is - you have to work for it. Will it be hard? Yes. Is it worth it? YES!!!!

And if you want confidential online help - check out -

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