How to help kids/people learn

My friend Amanda is a teacher – and she’s running for political office. She shared this – and I want to share it with you.

“I'm reading my students' bellwork answers from the week and I'm loving some of their answers. I asked them to write a list of 10 ways I can take care of them this year. Here's a sampling of what they wrote...

-Do a back flip every time we get a question right (do they EVEN know me?!)
-Take us outside
-Show us courage
-Help us not be failures
-Tell us jokes and make us laugh
-Be real
-Keep being you
-Tell us stories
-Help me be a better writer
-Make me comfortable
-Listen to me
-Go slow with me. I want to learn, but I need your help.
-Give us treats/snacks/candy/mints (SO many of this response!)
-Be there for me
-Dance around the classroom
-Be easy to talk to
-Help me learn English
-Teach me to pronounce words correctly
-Be open to stupid questions”

I think this is applicable to all people everywhere.  How awesome would it be if we treated – everyone this way?

To learn more about Amanda - here is her linkedin:

Her book:

And - because it's seriously awesome that a friend of mine and a teacher is running for office and you should totally support her - here is her campaign website -

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