It's time we talk about Pay Parity

Women don't earn as much as men. Shocker. I know. But this pay gap has long term consequences, not just for the women being short shifted, but for society at large.

People interested in humanistic management should to take pay equity seriously.  It is simply not acceptable for people doing the same job to be paid differently. 

One of the reasons I think this happens is because during the hiring process - part of the goal is to get hire labor at the least amount possible. This is why - the game of - not telling people what the position pays so it can be negotiated occurs.

And let's not kid ourselves. Paying as little as we can for labor - is the goal of the current system. The result  of that - is pay inequity.

So let's flip this upside down. And let's start assigning wages to the job - and not to the person doing the job.

This would eliminate all the game playing in hiring. People who need more - won't waste your time if the pay isn't what they want. All the stress of negotiation goes away. Everyone will be happier. If you can afford to pay a certain wage for a job - pay that wage for the job and stop playing salary games.

There are 2 resources I want to share with you.  First - is an interview with Marc Benioff of Salesforce regarding their efforts to create pay equity.

In order to make good on the promise of pay equity - they conducted a pay audit. Found out that they were not paying people equally - and equalized salaries up. Yes - up!   And then, they had to do it again - because pay inequity keeps creeping into their system. Why? Because the hiring and onboarding process - which is geared to getting labor and the lowest possible prices - doesn't lead to pay equity. It leads, by design, to pay inequality.

One way to solve this is to set a price for the position - not for the person. Oh look - I repeated myself. Let's say it again - set a price for the position - not for the person.  Figure out what a fair wage is - and pay it!

The next resource I want to share Paradigm for Parity - - which is dedicated to creating gender parity at all levels of organizations.

Pay and gender parity isn't going to happen by magic. To make it happen - we have to take proactive steps to make it happen. So start having these conversations in your workplace and see if you can make things better - for all employees.

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