Don't Ghost People in Business.

It's not professional, or nice.

If you are collaborating with people, and if you are in the workplace, you are - then it's impolite to not respond to them.

I understand people get busy. I am busy too. But if you ask me for help, but then don't respond to me when I try to help you - that's just rude.

And I'm not talking about random inquiries - I'm talking about people where we have formally agreed to work collaboratively on something.

Don't ghost your collaborators. If something has come up - be honest about that. If you have decided to not work on this project you asked them to work on - be honest about that. It's not a big deal. But wasting people's time while they try to get in touch with you - is unprofessional and rude.

A lot of what it means to be professional, is to help create clarity about what is going on.  If things are uncertain, and you don't know the answer to their question - tell them that. I don't know - I'm waiting on something else. Clarify what the delay is. Don't just ghost people.

I recorded a short chirp on this - 

I am putting together a humanistic leadership program that will include a 1/2 hour on what it means to be professional. You can currently view it by taking my How to Prevent Passive Aggressive People from Wreaking Havoc in the Workplace Using Science.

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