Do you have a wage gap problem?

As a Humanist - inequality bugs me. As a woman, a gender wage gap is an affront to me as an individual. It would be way better if everyone in a job got paid the same.

We don't. And even companies trying to close their wage gap - have a wage gap. So what is happening? How can you tell if your company has a wage gap problem?  How goes gender discrimation play into wage gaps?  How can organizations address any wage gaps/gender discrimination.

First – do a salary audit and equalize the pay for people in positions. Equalize up to the highest earner.  Second – when hiring – don’t negotiate the salary. Just – this is the salary for this position. Period. This will help eliminate bias by eliminating the negotiation for salary and eliminate the stress of negotiation for everyone. Third – every 2 years – repeat the salary audit and equalize pay up. Fourth – audit your promotions to ensure that any bias you have isn’t impacting the promotion process. Fifth – consider instituting some random selection or blind selection processes in the hiring and promotion process to eliminate some of the biases. For instance – if you have a group of resumes that all have the qualifications – randomly select people to interview. If you have an internal promotion – consider everyone and not just who you think would do a good job. And yes – there is evidence that randomly selection yields better results. It turns out in the absence of good reasons to make a decision – we use bad reasons and rationalize them as being good – but bad reasons for making a decision yield bad results. So – if you have no good reasons to make a decision – randomize the selection and you should get better results.   

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