Medicare fraud and the need for humanistic business management

Last year AARP magazine had an article on medicare fraud and the multi agency teams that fight against health care crooks. It was an eye opening and really upsetting article. But it also makes clear why we must move towards a humanistic conception of capitalism and reject as harmful exploitative forms of capitalism.

Here is the article:

This is a white collar crime that kills people. It's not harmless. It's  not simply a waste of tax payer dollars. People are suffering and dying as a result of it.

2nd, this is about businesses defrauding and killing people for profit. Want to know why people don't like capitalism? It's because of unethical people who use their businesses to exploit others for profit.

We should ALL be outraged about this.Instead, the businesses that are set up to exploit tax payer funding while hurting the people we want to help, those business people are often lauded by politicians whose votes they purchase. And this is actually true across a multitude of industries not just health care.

These businesses waste our money while not fixing the problem we are paying them to fix. And they are killing people - while stealing our money - all while posing as leaders of the community. They aren't and we should be treating them like they are.

We need to start distinguishing between good business and bad business. Good capitalism and bad capitalism. Not all businesses are good and not all forms of capitalism are good. This does not mean we need to take an extreme approach and throw the baby out with the bath water. What it means is - we need to start using ethical judgements about how we conduct business.

We need to start treating exploitative businesses that harm and kill people as the criminals they are. WE need to start demanding that our business behave in an ethical way and do good for our communities.

In short, we need to revolutionize how we think about the business of business. We need to no longer view profits as the end all be all metric of a good business. It's not. If your business requires you to kill people through neglect - yours is a bad bad bad bad business and you should not be rich. You should be in jail.

What is a good metric? Human wellfare. Wellbeing. Human flourishing. Our business must become about more than just the bottom line. Because if we don't change the status quo- we will NEVER  be able to root out the truly horrible business people who should never be allowed to run a business ever.

Rant over.

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