We live in a society that is not compassionate. Perhaps we should change that

It is a very hard time to be a Humanist right now. We live in a society that - as a society and as a matter of public policy - is not compassionate.

It feels like most of our public policy is punitive. Meaning - it's designed to punish people.  The problem with this approach is that scientifically - punishment does not stop unwanted behavior and it's actually a pretty cruel impulse to punish.

People looking for a better life? Punish them.  People with gender dysphoria - punish them. People who don't look like you? Punish them. People of the wrong faith? Punish them.   People too poor to afford food and health care? Punish them for being poor.

I can't even write all that without feeling sick to my stomach. Yet - that is our policy - official policy - on so many problems we face.  And not only is it cruel. It's not working and it's making problems worse.

What if we took a different approach?  We have a lot of models to chose from. Places with low crime rates, because people who break the law - are treated with dignity.  There are lots of countries able to provide citizens with health care and food - even if they lose a job. People are treated, by the society they live in, with dignity and care.

Same with immigrants. People come looking for help and instead of being greeted by a military with orders to shoot, are treated with dignity and care.

We live in a society that is not compassionate. Perhaps we should change that.

Humanism can make a difference. It demands that we treat people with dignity and compassion. Let's do that and let's vote out people who are motivated by greed and callous and replace them with people who care. 

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