I feel like my thanksgiving post every year is my favorite post to write.

I;ve written a few posts on thanksgiving - here

Mostly - what I am thankful for - is the fact that I am even alive. A few years ago - I almost died. But - because of modern medicine, my life was saved. Beyond that - it's really stunning I am alive at all.  My parents met and because one particular sperm of my father's and one particular egg of my mother's met up - I exist.  If she had gotten pregnant a different month - someone else would have existed.

It's the same for my son. I get pregnant in a different month and I have a completely different kid.

A lot of life is about chance. It's chance that we exist at all. It's chance we have managed to live as long as we have  - however long we have been alive.

A lot of people struggle with uncertainty and chance. I don't. I accept it as - life. That's just how things are. I can try to fight it - but - it would be pointless as things just happen.

To me, as a Humanist, I feel it is better to just accept that change plays a part in my life and work around it. I can do what I can to change the odds in my favor, but really - I can't totally control what happens.  So - I chose to be grateful for what I do have and can control.

I am thankful I am alive. Despite the fact it is sometimes hard and painful. I REALLY like being alive. It beats the alternative. I really am glad that I have wonderful people to share my time on earth with. As annoying as they can sometimes be - I'm glad to know them.

And that goes for everyone I've met. It's all part of the experience of being alive.

So - thank you - my readers - for being on this journey with me. I am humbled by your support of this crazy thing I do - teaching people about Humanism. 

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